Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot topic of the moment. At the recent Health and Care Innovation Expo Simon Stevens, Chief Exec of NHS England, claimed that there are great opportunities to use artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to improve the quality of clinical care. There is the potential to automate great swathes of what is happening in radiology and to some extent, pathology and dermatology.

Advancements are already being made in pulmonary embolisms and CT scans, as well as retinal scan analysis.

He continued that over the next 12 months NHS England will make the case for public investment and NHS investment in more artificial intelligence and machine learning projects that will benefit health and care.

Also in the news this week is that Microsoft is setting up a new healthcare department in Cambridge to concentrate on developing AI software aimed at the health market. The technology giant has hired researcher Iain Buchan, formerly an academic at the University of Manchester, to lead its new healthcare research division.

Buchan said that Microsoft’s Cambridge lab is “an exciting environment, where people think outside the box in ways that are vital for transforming, not merely translating, healthcare with smarter algorithms and connected technologies. The mix of disciplines in the lab blends the behavioural, social and technical approaches needed to engineer transformative tools for future healthcare. The lab stands a wonderful chance of innovating the digital health sector. It’s a very special place.”

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