CDS Data Quality Review – Do your SUS submissions accurately portray your monthly activity?

Could you benefit from an external review to give you assurance that your contracting data is fit for purpose?

An Ideal CDS Data Quality Review is a cost-effective way of identifying issues within your data submissions which may be affecting your PbR income, SUS compliance, planning and reporting.

We can perform analysis of your CDS submissions to detect anomalies and highlight any areas which need attention. Whilst the SUS DQ Dashboard is a good indicator for a trust as to concerns about their data, it will only pick up whether a data field is populated and if it is in the right format. A more thorough analysis can detect illogical, duplicate or conflicting information. We can also perform comparisons between data sources, extracts and CDS to ascertain whether any data transformations are affecting the quality of the data submitted.

The information garnered from a CDS review can inform system or process changes, which can then be addressed to enable improved SUS compliance and internal information for capacity planning, as well as fewer contractual challenges and reduced reliance on related resources to secure income.

Ideal has been working with trusts for over a decade and we have drawn on our experience to develop a detailed understanding of data quality issues. Our CDS Data Quality Review can be performed and used in conjunction with any or all our other data services:

Our Root Cause Analysis service provides a comprehensive assessment of your data issues. We conduct a thorough audit, working closely with key trust staff to identify problems with data capture, processes or systems. We present our findings with recommendations and develop an action plan to provide effective, sustainable solutions.

If you need help with the validation of your historic activity data Ideal can provide you with an experienced team. All our teams work to the NHS Data Dictionary and can correct contracting data at source. We can help refine or develop SOPs to ensure all staff are familiar and compliant with data requirements and to prevent problems from reoccurring.

Ideal can provide comprehensive training that Integrates system, process and information awareness, and is tailored for your trust. This can be delivered in the classroom, at the deskside, via e-learning or a combination.

Having worked with all the major vendors and EPR providers we provide resources with in-depth, system specific knowledge.