Digital Apprenticeship

With the recent introduction of the apprenticeship levy the government has stated that they want to achieve three million new apprentices by 2020 and employers have responded by stating that they are planning to recruit more digital IT apprentices.

The new digital IT apprenticeships are based on the apprentice being able to sufficiently demonstrate a core set of technical competencies which are defined in each apprenticeship ‘standard’. To support this there is a specification for the technical knowledge and understanding that the apprentice must obtain during their apprenticeship, and a set of underpinning skills, attitudes and behaviours that must be developed. The knowledge and understanding must be learned through a mix of at least one vendor or professional qualification, combined with Ofqual regulated knowledge modules.

Ideal Health have teamed up with the BCS (The British Chartered Institute for IT) and aligned our apprentice support offerings with the official BCS ‘Standards’. In partnership with NHS employers and Ideal Health’s unique experience in working specifically within the NHS will enable us to create bespoke elements for NHS specific learning apprenticeship pathways. These pathways will remain aligned to the ‘standard’ but will have a significant healthcare bias effectively ‘customising’ the learning to a specific employer whilst achieving the apprenticeship qualification.