Health Informatics Training

Ideal is recognised as the UK’s leading health systems training company, having delivered training for many of the UK’s major EPR implementations.

Our experience and involvement in this area has given us a thorough understanding of the NHS and its processes, as well as technology and organisational requirements.

Develop the Health Informatics and PACS skills of your Radiology and IT teams

If you are looking to develop or enhance the knowledge and understanding of your team, our PACS and Health Informatics courses could be just what you need. The benefits include better patient care, shorter waiting times, reduced errors and the maintenance of a safe clinical imaging store.

Our courses build on your staff’s existing skills and teach new ones across a range of topics including:

  • Introduction to PACS HL7
  • Introduction and Advanced DICOM
  • Introduction and Advanced
  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  • Cross Document Sharing (XDSi)
  • PACS Management/Administration IT Skills for PACS 

Delivered by experienced Health Informatics Specialists

Ideal’s training is delivered by skilled practitioners with extensive experience and knowledge of the NHS workplace, standards and PACS systems including: Agfa, Carestream, GE, Insignia, and Sectra

CPD approved courses

All Ideal’s courses are CPD approved and can form part of an overall PACS certification.

We are experienced in providing on-going training services into Trusts where staff
can benefit from continuous personal development plans tailored to specific Trust requirements.

These specialities include disciplines such as data analytics, change management, network IT skills, project management and management of risk.