Optimisation and Improvement

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IT Healthcare Systems Optimisation

Implementing IT healthcare projects can cause considerable strain on the people, systems and processes within the organisation. It is therefore critical that there is sufficient front line support to give users the support they need to get up and running with the new systems while maintaining ‘business as usual’ patient care. Ideal can support you in the following ways:

  • Providing support and advice on cutover planning and resourcing requirements before, during and after go live.
  • Providing experienced floorwalkers, managers, administrators and other support staff to provide high quality, professional user support at go live.
  • Developing your in house capability with training for champion users, floorwalkers and support staff.

IT Healthcare Systems Improvement

In 60 – 80% of IT projects no benefits are delivered.* In Ideals experience the features of the system are poured over and designed to ensure the organisation benefits,  but often,  the realisation of the improvements are regarded as one of the tasks rather than the whole approach to delivering the IT. If improvements cannot be identified, why carry out the exercise in the first place?

A benefit is an improvement that is perceived to give the organisation an advantage.
Ideal supports Trusts throughout the improvement realisation lifecycle. This starts with an analysis of the reason for the change or business drivers so we can fully understand how the investment in the IT is responding to the organisations need for change. This in turn leads to the understanding of the investment objectives and how the improvement management plan will need to respond to meet the investment objectives.

Ideal will support your organisation throughout the improvement management cycle by:

• Establishing an improvement management process that is aligned to deliver the benefits
that will meet the organisational drivers

• Ensuring the improvement objectives are understood, owned and monitored.

• Ensuring there are clear linkages to the changes and enablers required to deliver the improvements

• Supporting your organisation in developing clear improvement profiles allowing high standard
of monitoring and tracking throughout the programme cycle.

To find out more, phone: 01483 453508 or email: info@idealts.co.uk

**Cranfield University School of Management. Document No: ISRC-BM- 200001- 29th March 2016