Project Delivery

Whole-project support

Our vast experience, coupled with renowned attention to detail, ensures that projects run smoothly and benefits are achieved and sustained.

Part-project support

Looking for a key team to come on-site and transform a particular area of your project? We’re used to working closely with existing in-house, consultancy and contract teams. We will put individual consultants or a team together that fits right in.

Managed Service Projects

On projects where the requirements are changing, our managed service solutions give you greater flexibility.  Working to agreed project deliverables, our managed teams of health systems professionals will implement IT initiatives within a pre-defined execution framework, usually including a Service Level Agreement. This process provides you with greater assurance of outcomes within a defined budget.

Outsourced Solutions

The push towards more sophisticated digital healthcare is a driving force in the shift towards outsourcing. Outsourcing can reduce costs and achieve a positive return-on-investment from Healthcare IT.

Ideal partner to help you manage the challenges and opportunities of healthcare IT. We work with our industry-leading experts and utilise our extensive and impartial IT outsourcing solutions, to achieve your aims. Our outsourced solutions, give you access to our unique delivery methodologies, our technology and our experienced health systems teams.

Fixed Price Projects

Delivering high-quality services at an agreed price and timeline, whilst protecting your budget. We put together a statement of work based engagements with pre-defined deliverables and milestones that can be delivered to a fixed price. We also provide end-to-end management and delivery of the project.  This enable some shared risk on your projects, providing additional skills, expertise and capacity to augment and support your internal team.