Project Delivery

Key Trust Issues

The NHS is experiencing a period of unprecedented change with a continual drive for cost savings, improved patient care and delivering joined up services across Acute, Community and Primary and Social Care.

Virtually every care organisation in the NHS has a programme of change and corresponding health systems projects in order to support new ways of working in a paperless and integrated care model. Programmessuch as PAS/EPR, e-Prescribing and Electronic Document Management carry significant risk for a Trust’s reputation, patient care, staff morale and data confidentiality. These programmes, when managed effectively, can deliver significant operational and financial benefits but can present some significant risks if they are not tracked and issues dealt with promptly.

We know that the best people to run projects in the NHS are from the NHS - which is why our staff have all worked in NHS environments and have practical, on- the-ground experience to bring to your programme.

Why do we need delivery assurance?

Complex transformation programmes have many different aspects to manage requiring a broad range of management, technical and specific NHS skills. Adopting a specific focus on assurance will ensure that with limited investment a Trust can benefit from lessons learned from many similar projects, both in terms of proven strategies and known pitfalls.

The Ideal Solution

At Ideal we are uniquely placed to provide assurance across a full 360-degree programme view by leveraging the broad experience across our resource pool. 

Project assurance in the form of an independent review based on best practice can act as an early and on-going warning mechanism. An effective form of assurance will highlight risks before they become issues as well as providing advice on suitable interventions. Ideal’s project health-check is a tailored short, sharp, efficient and cost effective method of providing project assurance for smaller tactical projects with all the benefits of full blown project assurance.

Effective project assurance can help engage a Trust’s senior leadership team so that they are fully aware and involved in high priority risk and issue management.

Ideals approach to delivery assurance:

  • Clinical engagement
  • Business change
  • Communications planning
  • Supplier management
  • Benefits realisation
  • Training needs
  • Information and reporting
  • Board level engagement
  • Go live preparation