System Optimisation

Significant revenue, time and energy are invested in new EPR and IT systems. These systems are designed to support trusts in working more efficiently and to deliver better outcomes for patients. Trusts are now aiming to be paperless by 2018 and are addressing the challenge of sharing information across systems and with other external agencies which is raising its own complications.

Historically the procurement timetables have driven behaviour that has understandably had to focus on delivery and series of Go Lives. Whilst this behaviour is inevitable it does sometimes detract from the overall benefits and reason for implementing the systems in the first place. The aim is not to implement an EPR it is to deliver better quality, informed and joined up care.

That sometimes gets lost in translation in the majority of deployments the End Users skills has meant that initially systems have been deployed with very straight forward processes using only a small amount of functionality. In a number of organisations there is still a lot of information that is not recorded on the system but instead is still either on paper or stored in another format.

Maximising your EPR and Health Systems implementation is vital to ensure that your End User is confident using the new technology. It is always recommended to have a EPR and System Optimisation check after the deployment is complete. You can then identify if further training and development is required to get the full benefit of the system

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