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Challenges faced by NHS Trusts

Trusts are looking to make investment in new IT systems as their current systems near the end of their contract life and to enable much needed service and cost improvements.

The procurement and implementation of an EPR is a complex programme, involving considerable planning, attention, significant change effort and staff engagement if it is to be successful.

There are a number of critical activities which need to be carried out and documented in order to complete the procurement and to comply with government procurement rules. These include the outline business case (OBC), output based specification (OBS) and following supplier selection the full business case (FBC).

An investment of this kind and complexity only happens on average, once in every 15 years. As a result, for many Trusts, additional skilled and experienced support will be needed to complete this process. Equally, some Trusts will require some assurance that they have made the right decisions.

Specific skills and experience of prior EPR procurements are needed to complete these activities, meet the compliance standards and to ensure all decisions are made in line with requirements and benefits sought by the Trust.


With in-depth experience of complex healthcare IT procurement, Ideal’s specialists provide advice and support for completion of the outline and full business case, output based specifications and for the associated procurement activities.

We can support you where you need additional expertise, provide assurance or deliver a managed solution for you.

Experienced specialists across the project lifecycle

Ideal’s consultants and specialists have first hand experience of supporting many Trusts throughout the UK across all care settings, with their IT and transformation programmes across the project lifecycle from procurement to benefits realisation.

Cost effective

Our solutions draw on our extensive team of specialists with expertise in their specific areas and will be designed to ensure that your project objectives can be met

to quality, time and scope in the most cost effective manner. Our solutions are based on best practice methodologies including PRINCE2, MSP and APMG Change management. Alongside this, our approach  has been fine-tuned through lessons learnt over the past seven years. With verifiable, best practices, we can reduce the risks associated and deliver maximum value.

Knowledge transfer

Underpinning our approach and fundamental to our success, is the partnership we build with our clients to help them achieve real benefits from their health system projects. We operate by a set of core values, shared amongst Ideal’s consultants, which put the interests of clients first and which makes the transfer of knowledge to client staff a key element in our partnership approach.

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