Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a key issue across the NHS, with the number and complexity of cyber attacks increasing. Organisations are also faced with the imminent enforcement of the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under GDPR, future cyberattacks will result in substantial fines being levied against NHS Trusts.

The Government’s Cyber Essentials Plus scheme outlines steps needed to achieve effective security and compliance but most in-house IT teams do not have the resource, time or expertise to implement the necessary changes.

The Ideal Cyber Security solution

Ideal offers a tailored end-to-end cyber service, developed from many years of supporting installations in over 150 healthcare organisations. This service is designed to enable NHS Trusts to seamlessly cover the recommended ten steps, becoming cyber secure and GDPR compliant with minimal disruption to systems and practise. Ideal works together with a Trust, ensuring that the people, processes, and systems which comprise the Trust’s cyber security defences are robust, up-to-date, and compliant with current legislation. 

Each client engagement involves a consultative discussion to understand and address your current IT security and Risk Management posture. We will work with your teams to advise and guide them on the best use of resources and budget to address the immediate and longer term priorities based on the current vulnerabilities and gaps within the existing systems and processes.

Our consultative and forensic approach encompasses the technical, governance, risk and personnel aspects of your organisation and are based on industry standards and government recommendations.
Utilising NHS experts, leading technologies and industry best practice, we will work in partnership with your organisation to reduce the cyber risk from current and emerging threats.

Benefits of Ideal’s Cyber Security Solution 

  • Protect systems from debilitating threats
  • Reduce risk to your Trusts reputation, people and systems
  • Avoid costly GDPR fines
  • Impartial system agnostic advice
  • Attain your Cyber Essentials certification

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