EPR Training & Go Live

The logistics of an EPR/EHR training programme is highly complex. 

Insufficient and incomplete user training can cause major problems. This may adversely affect clinical care and data quality, slowing down the adoption of a new system – increasing the need for support and impacting the realisation of benefits. Trusts need to plan from the outset for the range and complexity of the training needed and how new systems will be maintained with total clinical safety post Go Live. To achieve this a Trust requires the relevant input from the relevant people at the earliest stage of the planning stage to maximise the effectiveness of the build and configuration to ensure usability, efficiency and clinical safety.

The logistics of an EPR/ EHR training programme all need to come together and be delivered in a relatively  short time scale, including;

  • the reporting and scheduling structure
  • the co-ordination of training rooms, trainers, courses and joining instructions
  • development of lesson plans, support materials and communication plan
  • the configuration of training domains

Ideal is the most experienced partner to assist you in this planning.

Once training is underway, the programme board and executive team will want assurances that a Trust is safe to ‘go live’ with the new system and have full information that underpins the go live support requirement.   Our bespoke scheduling and reporting tool CertifI will evidence the training progress.

Evidence has shown that when Trusts invest in role appropriate and timely training at the project outset, less time and money is wasted, training is more effective and End Users feel engaged and ready at Go Live and beyond.

Any delays to the Go Live date can create a financial burden for a Trust as it can be costly to maintain a large training team for several months. Additionally, when a project incurs long delays, staff may also require retraining.

Ideal is the most experienced partner to assist you in this key area of training planning and delivery.