Doctor with laptop and stethoscope

The Strategic Challenge

Healthcare IT is changing. With the formation of STP’s and the impending GDPR regulations, NHS organisations are increasingly looking beyond a series of Go Lives, to the future, where an
effective IT Strategy meets clinical and business needs and delivers long-term digital health benefits.

With continued downward pressure on budgets, evolving workplace requirements and increased service expectations from patients, Trusts are increasingly looking at their IT Health Systems as strategic assets that enable change.

Ideal are experts in working with NHS organisations to develop Digital Strategies, which deliver lasting benefits. Ideal work solely within the UK IT health sector which means we have a deep and unique understanding of how NHS IT Healthcare works.

Ideal has worked with a number of boards and with senior stakeholders within NHS Trusts to ensure that their IT Strategy is mapped to agreed business objectives, which in the current climate includes alignment to Trust objectives through STP and GDPR plans.

Ideal ensures that all board members, senior clinical and non-clinical, as well as senior IT leaders, are engaged with the process of planning, owning and delivering the strategy.

Digital Strategy Benefits:

  • Prepare, plan and deliver an effective Digital Strategy.
  • Ensure your IT strategy is aligned and mapped to business objectives.
  • Transform your IT Healthcare systems into a strategic asset.

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