The Future of Change

The Future of Change – Why we have to move our view of change forward if we want to see real IT transformation, or any transformation in health and social care.

For health and social care to move to a truly digital future it needs to fully embrace the fact that change is no longer something that can be managed on a project by project basis. The change needed is too great and the people impact too large.

The concept of change management as a discreet set of actions in an overall project plan is outdated. The change staff are feeling is too constant, too pervasive, too demanding. If we begin to think about change differently, to understand that it is an integral part of the day-to-day fabric of an organisation, we can start to have different conversations about how best to manage the new ways of working to ensure success.

Change is social, relational and, while often ignored, emotional. It involves building genuine relationships, having honest conversations and developing levels of trust that create a togetherness to drive change forward. It involves giving people the time and space to think about what is happening. Allowing them to choose to trust the change and to want to be part of the new future being created.

Once we accept that there is no downtime from change, that organisations will be constantly evolving we can move to an understanding of change ‘management’ as being a system wide set of skills, behaviours, knowledge, language and processes that give organisations the energy and confidence to adapt to every new challenge.

At ehi Live we are starting the conversation about how we build a better future for change in the NHS. At Ideal, our experience is that change is often overlooked, poorly discussed or completely left out of the conversations about the future of the NHS. As a result, we are launching #IdealChangeChat at ehi Live. On our stand (B42) we want to start the conversations that empower the NHS to do change differently and more successfully.

We want to create the space where people can discuss how to actually deliver the ideas being discussed at the event and beyond. Come see us, tweet us at @IdealUK or e-mail us at We would love to hear your views and spread the great ideas that are out there.

If you need impartial advice or guidance on your IT Healthcare strategy, call me on 01483 453508 or email me:

Jill De Bene, Development Director

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About Jill:

Jill De Bene, Ideal’s Development Director, is an experienced and effective Transformation Consultant who has worked extensively within the NHS and Healthcare industry delivering sustainable and effective change. Jill has worked in the NHS, in healthcare consultancy practices, in Africa and for a global IT company. In these organisations she has lead on programme management, IT and transformation delivery, service redesign and commissioning. Jill is a specialist in achieving large scale sustainable change.

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